Monday, June 12, 2006

Old Perth Street Art (Mid 2005)


Anonymous data said...

perth is def comin up rapidly its good now but there are heaps of new hedz on the scene. keep an eye on perth cos in a year this city is gonna look fuxin dope

5:39 pm  
Anonymous data said...

get busy wit dat camera girl, i see new stuff almost every iver traino displayed some new art dunno if its still there go check it out before it gets buffed

6:22 am  
Anonymous kAoS ONe said...

what you guys tag up?

4:44 pm  
Anonymous oxy said...

how do i put pix up on this site?? lettuce know at
cheers keep up the good work

7:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm writing an article about Reface a website that aims to change people's perception of street art. It is based in WA. I would love to chat to some street artists about their opinion of the website.

I know there is a privacy issue, so you do not need to give me your name.

You can contact me on my email or my mobile 0410926461

8:08 am  

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