Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New pieces.

Some new pics sent in from Jordan.


Blogger _spm said...

where are these pieces? i've been documenting perth street art since 2003 and i think it's important that if you're gonna display images of the work to also provide a location of the pieces...even if it's cryptic. it's one thing to see great photographs of the work, but it's another to actually see them in the real, before the buffers buff them. it adds to the adventure of it all, the sheer pokemonability this fuzzy logic nu-cartoonism inherently postulates. so where oh where can i witness these works.

nice site by the way. invert told me about you. perchance you'd be interested in the 3000 plus photographs i have from this year alone...?



the vandal of vandals

7:26 pm  
Blogger A.STELJA said...

I like, very well done

9:48 pm  

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